Highly Targeted Direct Response Outreach

Identify, Communicate, Convert

One of the most effective methods of reaching your target B2B or Enterprise level customers is to get in front of them directly by using highly targeted email outreach, we source the leads, book meetings and deliver qualified prospects to you to convert all with ad spend.
  • We generate qualified lead lists based on the ideal target client you want to do business with (annual revenue, location, employee count, industry, etc)

  • Each contact is researched and vetted by our team or marketing experts to ensure quality

  • Campaigns of 30-50 personalized emails are sent to your ideal customers each week

  • Campaigns are monitored weekly to identify progress, areas for improvement and effectiveness

  • We guarantee meetings with your ideal clients, every single quarter

  • Meetings are guaranteed if a prospect doesn’t show up we re-book that meeting

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Social Media Marketing

Goals, Targets, Purpose

Strategic campaigns on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be extremely powerful if structured optimally. With 6IX your campaigns will include:
  • Creative campaign content built exclusively for your brand by our expert design team

  • Audience analysis to directly target your consumers, including advanced audience matching using data to create very profitable audiences

  • Re-targeting campaigns to nurture your prospect through to purchase or scheduling a consultation

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments

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Google Optimization

Research, Creativity, Results

Ranking within the top 3 search results when somebody is looking for you is one of the most powerful strategies on the market. When searching specific phrases on Google, the user has buying intent, we can ensure you are there to take full advantage.
  • Keyword Research finding the most cost-effective and profitable keywords your buyers are searching

  • Keyword Optimization taking advantage of the most profitable keywords

  • Structured campaigns to take full advantage of consumers searching for your competitors

  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments
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Partnerships and retail

Identification, Strategize, Connect

Driving revenue by developing partnerships or Retail partners for your product is essential. Building additional revenue and exposure channels will support your Marketing campaign and significantly improve the results. We can facilitate the outreach and secure meetings to achieve:
  • Partnerships with related businesses to land enterprise-sized projects and benefit from consistent referrals

  • Partnerships with influencers and collaborators on Instagram, YouTube and Bloggers to boost your reach and drive revenue

  • Meetings with Retail Buyers who are willing to stock your products and provide a revenue & exposure channels

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Marketing Strategy

Implementation, Growth, Success

A comprehensive analysis, review and actionable strategy outlining, step-by-step strategy that will drastically increase your revenues.
  • Identifying your KPI’s and low hanging fruit opportunities

  • Review of your web, social, and ad data (as far back as it goes) to find areas for improvement and marketing spend opportunities

  • Identification of new channels and partner opportunities

  • Audit of current online content, messaging, social presence and case studies to find unique angles to aid in lead generation

  • Review of existing lead generation methods and opportunities for growth

  • Expert written cold email templates specifically tailored for your business to use

  • Deep dive into your offer, services and operations to find to unique factors that make you stand out from your competition, in order to craft irresistible cold email and marketing messaging

  • In-depth short- and long-term action plan focused on results and increasing ROI

  • Recommendations for new markets and industries to pursue

  • List of best operational practices to help automate your entire lead generation process

  • Full detailed form of internal operating procedures (from prospecting to meeting booked)

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  • I ran an initial test using 6ix's method vs. my own. In our first 45 emails, we booked meeting with Zenefits ($4.5B) and Verified First ($1B+).Then I bought the Elite/as a Service course and we've just today landed our first 3-month contract. That's a positive ROI from both of these investments on almost literally day 2.

    I know it sounds suspect, and I was hesitant too, but proof is in the pudding right?
    Michael I.
  • Hey guys, thought I'd jump in and share some feedback/advice.

    I noticed Niall is offering an Elite course offering cold emailing as a service. I 100% recommend you invest in it. I wish it existed 6 months ago as I would've signed up instantly and it would've have saved me/us a lot of time and money.

    To explain why, we're a digital marketing and sales agency. Previously we were providing just digital services (6 months ago) and then started offering a pay-per-lead and appointment setting service where we use a combination of email automation, LinkedIn automation, SMS and cold calls to secure the leads/appointments.

    As of yesterday, ~23% of our MRR and over 30% of our profit comes from email outreach service. And we're turning over 6-figures a month, so this isn't a small amount.

    There is a lot of value in what 6IX/Niall is offering especially if you're an agency. It's extremely valuable to clients which means it's very profitable for you...
    What I will say is that certain regions of the world haven't realised this just yet which means there is a huge gap in the market. On top of that, there is almost no competition which means it's easy and cheap for you to source your own clients. The longer you wait, the sooner you'll miss out on this opportunity.
    Joseph A.
  • Started working with 6IX and have been using the info and strategies they gave me. So far I’ve generated a sales opportunity with a company that has done $25 million year to date (3.5 months).

    More sales calls are flowing in.
    Ryan E.
  • 6IX Media doa great job breaking down effective lead generation techniques that WORK and are affordable. Love the transparency and results that 6IX Media provides.
    Gus A.
  • We were always chasing our tail finding new clients, it was so volatile. Now we can completely control it. We can also time everything to ensure we can keep up team wise with the increased client base. Then when ready we scale again. It is incredible and SO UNDERVALUED. We have grown our Client base from 3 Clients to 18 in 4 months using this exact system.
    Ariel M.


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